Coolway Exclusive Tunnel Giant Screen Media
  • Astonishing Vision

    A brand new media pattern featured in 300m-long screen, presents to audiences with shocking experience; HD dynamic video, makes audiences feel like enjoying artistic works in cinema; Lightening windows in dark, catches eyes of audiences in only one second;

  • The Only Possessor of Center Position

    The only large-scale video media platform by the sides of the metro track The suspending giant screen is pouring in front of you as the metro car passes through, keeping only 1m space with the audience’s sight.

  • High Frequency Repeats

    High frequency and fixed metro commute route, guarantees repeated contact of audiences to the media and long-lasting memory. Integrated mobile TVs of metro and buses, realizes coverage of whole travel scene and all-round promotion channel

  • Patent Technology

    The first domestic and world-leading metro tunnel video media technology has won a variety of patents and certifications. Reach in-depth strategic cooperation with the metro enterprises, possess the exclusive and the world's largest tunnel media operation network

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Typical Cases

Typical Cases

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